The Moral Libertarian Horizon Wiki

Picture: Rawls in 1971. From Wikipedia / Wikimedia Commons.

John Rawls 1971.jpg

From 2021, this Wiki will also be a resource for liberal thinkers and their ideas in general. Articles will be gradually created for various liberal thinkers and theorists. The articles should focus on their contributions to liberal thinking, and how their ideas relate to the Moral Libertarian ideal.

Here are a list of thinkers we think definitely should be on here. We will be adding articles for these thinkers over the course of the next year or so. Feel free to add your own even if they are not currently on the list, however.

John Rawls

John Locke

Adam Smith

John Stuart Mill

Friedrich Hayek

We also want to add info about these thinkers in the longer term:

Edmund Burke

Robert Nozick

Milton Friedman

Ludwig von Mises

Ayn Rand

Karl Popper

Herbert Spencer

Isaiah Berlin

Amartya Sen

Ronald Dworkin

Joseph Raz

James Buchanan

Bruce Ackerman

Raymond Aron

Ken Galbraith

Wilhelm Ropke